full-stack Creative digital marketing Agency

We’re a full-stack creative digital marketing Agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. From strategy to implementation, we’re here to help make your brand shine.

Focuses on enabling global SMEs, brands, retailers and distributors to create measurable impact and meaningful connection. 

We’re on a mission to produce long term planet-friendly marketing without the environmental footprint.

what makes us different

the codes we live by

creativity & Innovation

We are creative experts that will propel your content to new heights. Everyone has a story, some good, some bad, some small, some epic. A well-told story captivates. It cuts through the clutter and commands attention in a sea of noise.

integrity & trust

We believe that integrity is a foundational value for all human relationships. It embraces trust, honesty and respect. It invites a necessary level of questioning and reflection that leads to greater personal and professional authenticity.

Sustainability & Impact

We believe agency & clients have the most important role to play in social and environmental sustainability, aligned to help purpose-driven brands stand out. 

digital Minds

We are an idea-driven, working with a strong focus on digital experience. We will engage your audience with impeccable digital experience.

going the extra mile

We are fanatical about providing amazing service, when other companies might say, “Good enough” we keep going. We serve our clients with passion and are willing to go above and beyond. 


Together, we are working towards creating a brands that is just, inclusive, green, innovative and entrepreneurial. Placing individual wellbeing at the heart of all our collaborative and individual action.

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Chief of Skema


Co Founder & Account Director

ERwin wijaya

Head of Media & Digital

Monica sutjiadi

Social Media Manager